Carelin and CPC are working together on the construction of a 30MW solar power plant!

Carelin and CPC are working together on the construction of a 30MW solar power plant!

CPC Finland Oy has invested in a solar power plant of significant size on a Finnish scale. The solar power plant, with a maximum output of 32MW, is being built in the Lakari area of Rauma. The Lakari Solar Power Plant’s annual production is estimated to be around 32,000 MWh. Construction has started in the spring of 2023, and the project’s expected completion date is early 2024.

Carelin has helped CPC in the prestudy and preparation phases of the project. Carelin team for example coordinated the soil studies that are important in civil construction, and together with its partner network provided the pre-planning material for the bidding phase and prepared the project’s preliminary implementation schedule. A cost-effective implementation model for a solar power project of this size was the goal of the preparation phase.

During the construction phase, the Carelin team acts as CPC Finland Oy’s construction management organization. It is responsible for reviewing the implementation plans, executing site supervision, taking care of builders project management, and the builder’s safety coordinator -role. The Carelin team’s goal, from the builders side, is to facilitate and ensure the safe implementation of the project. This is the implementation that meets technical requirements within the established schedule. This requires close cooperation with the builder, contractors, authorities, and other stakeholders.

As a team at Carelin, we are happy to utilize our solar and project experience to help CPC with this scale of solar power project. For five years, we have worked as owner engineers on solar power projects for both roof-mounted and ground-mounted power plants. It is very positive that the size class of solar power projects is increasing, and we can contribute to the breakthrough of industrial-scale solar power in Finland.

– Ville Alatalo, CEO of Carelin Oy


CPC Finland continues its long-term cooperation with Carelin also in the construction management of the Lakari solar power plant located in Rauma. As the old saying goes, ‘never change a winning team’. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation. In addition to the know-how and systematic, yet practical way of working, we value Carelin’s ability to provide corresponding solutions our our special needs.”

– Erik Trast, CEO, CPC Finland Oy