omistajainsinööri aurinkovoimala
In August 2023, Carelin and Evision conducted an end-of-warranty inspection of the 2 MWp solar power plant at the S-Group Sipoo logistics center. Finland has limited the amount of industrial-sized solar power plants, but this is expected to change shortly. According to Motiva’s report, the total output of solar power plants having a capacity exceeding 1 MWp may increase from the present 50 megawatts to over 9,500 megawatts by 2030 ( Therefore, end-of-warranty inspections and various other technical annual inspections will play an even more important role during the life cycle of solar power plants.
The Sipoo power plant was a familiar site for Carelin, who acted as the owner’s engineer during the tendering and construction phase of the solar power plant and its related battery energy system. However, conducting an EoW inspection for a ground-mounted solar power plant of this size was a new experience for Carelin. In the past, Carelin has inspected more than 100 smaller ground-mounted and roof-mounted Solar power plant inspections. Carelin was responsible for organizing the inspection and checking the panel field, panels, racks, AC and DC cables, inverters, and transformers.
During Carelin’s inspection, a drone was used to capture thermal images of the panel field. Evision was selected as a partner for this task due to its previous experience in imaging electricity grids and solar power plants using drones. After capturing the images, Evision produced a comprehensive report identifying deviating panels and panel strings.
Carelin has prepared a comprehensive report for the customer detailing the results of the end-of-warranty inspection, along with proposed measures to address the findings. Although the customer’s Solar power plant has operated without issue during the warranty period, significant quality and safety concerns were discovered during inspections and thermal imaging. It is crucial to address these issues to ensure the safe operation of the solar power plant throughout its life cycle and to meet production targets.
Thanks to Carelin’s service, the process of implementing the end-of-warranty inspection was simplified. Following their suggestion, we also decided to order Evision’s imaging. The inspection was carried out smoothly, and we can now use the material from the inspection to monitor the facility’s capabilities.” 
-Antti Hiltunen, Energy Manager, SOK Kiinteistöä.
I had a great experience inspecting a solar power plant of this size with the Carelin team, who were reinforced by Evision’s drone expertise. The client’s representatives were very proactive from the beginning, so the start of the project went smoothly. Our seamless cooperation allowed us to assemble the inspection report for the customer efficiently. Based on this experience, it is clear that owners of solar power plants will increasingly carry out inspections like this in the future. We have learned much from this project, which will be valuable for future inspections.” 
-Ilmari Mäntysalo, Project Manager, Carelin Oy.
The inspection project was a successful collaboration between Carelin and Evision, combining their Carelin’s expertise in solar power plant inspections and construction and Evision’s expertise in imaging and drone usage in industrial inspections. Drones were used to photograph large power plants quickly, and data analysis allowed possible fault locations to be identified. Our joint effort promptly provided the customer with a comprehensive and accurate inspection result. Antti Kortman, Evision’s product and development expert, expressed satisfaction with the outcome.” 
– Antti Kortman, product and development expert Evision Oy.